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1. The requirements

(1) The theme of this festival is “photography as life”, the work should express this theme clearly.
(2) Curator and photographer can download 《The Application of Lishui Photography Festival》 in the join us in the official website of Lishui Photography Festival. Please fill the application as required seriously. Curator and photographer should hand in the application and file folder of small pictures to the E-mail address : 826334431@QQ.com. The application should be named by the name of Curator or photographer and the file folder of small pictures of work should be named like country+Area+curator/photographer+work name.
(3) Submission deadline is 30th September 2015.
(4) All th e submission works will be examined by the festival organizing committee and the Academic committee. If your work were selected in the exhibition, organizer will connect with you.

2. Contact for Information

Address of Organization Committee:Photography Museum of Lishui China, 583 Kuocang road, Lishui city, Zhengjiang province
Phone Number:0578-2117793 2117023 2117083

Fax Number:0578-2113393
E-mail Address:826334431@QQ.com